Mission Nine – The Ghost of Christmas Gorn

A few nights ago, we played the final game of 2016. The mission was as follows:


It is Christmas Eve and so Father Christmas is making his way round Federation space, delivering presents. So far, he’s been to most of the Federation and he is now on his way to deliver his final presents to Bajoran orphans in the Cellus system.

Normally, Father Christmas’ rounds go off without a hitch, but this year he’s been having a few problems. Firstly, the Ferengi Commerce Authority are harassing him for undercutting Ferengi delivery contracts and have dispatched an FCA liquidator to seize the presents. These will then be sold to the poor Bajoran orphans for profit, in the true spirit of Christmas.

 Secondly Gorn pirates tried to ambush Father Christmas when he was leaving Betazed. Although he managed to outrun them, he’s hailed Starfleet and requested aid. The Gorn pirates are most likely attempting to cash in on a bounty placed on Father Christmas by the Orion Syndicate, after an attempt to replace the elves with an Orion slave racket failed.

Most of Starfleet are busy on Risa, drinking sherry and enjoying traditional Risan festivities, so Task Force K27 have been assigned to protect Father Christmas’ sleigh and make sure that he makes all of his deliveries.



The players must make sure that Father Christmas makes his way to the two planets in the Cellus system, in order to deliver presents to the poor, starving Bajoran orphans.


Special Rules:

Father Christmas’ sleigh has the stats and movement dial of a Bajoran Lightship.

The sleigh has six presents onboard. Three are to be delivered to Cellus I and three are for Cellus II. Once the sleigh is within Range 1 of a planet, it may spend its action to beam a present down to the poor, sad, starving Bajoran orphans.

The Ferengi ships cannot be attacked without causing a diplomatic incident, but Starfleet has learned from the Lornians that there is a vulnerability in their engine systems – a directed Tetryon Sweep will cause the Ferengi’s plasma vent manifolds to close, causing their engines to overheat. Any Federation ship may spend a scan token to give a Ferengi ship an Auxiliary power token. Any Ferengi ship with an Auxiliary power token must perform a green manoeuvre on their next turn.

If the shuttle carrying the FCA liquidator makes base to-base contact with Father Christmas, they may spend their action to steal one of Father Christmas’ presents. These will then be sold to the poor Bajoran orphans at extortionate prices, ruining Christmas.



1SP for each present that Father Christmas successfully delivers.

-1SP for each present that the Ferengi successfully steal from Father Christmas to sell to the Bajorans

If Father Christmas has delivered more presents than the Ferengi have stolen at the end of the mission, he will give each player a Christmas present.

If the Gorn kill Father Christmas, the mission is a failure and Christmas is ruined.




We had four players for this event – Captain Marshall and Captain Smith were both still captaining their original vessels, the USS Excalibur and USS Vengeance respectively. Captain Beto has refitted the K’tinga class that he successfully stole in the last mission, the IKS Gej’pech. Captain Fredrickson lost her ship in the last mission, but has been assigned to the USS Glory, an Intrepid class ship. Before the mission, Luc Bordeaux (Helmsman on the USS Vengeance) was promoted to Operations Officer. Captains Temoc and Naarpak weren’t present, as they had both returned to Vulcan for the festive period.


Task Force K27 set up to escort Father Christmas, covering both sides of the sleigh. All four captains were equally unimpressed with having pulled escort duty on Christmas Eve. Captain Beto cloaked the Gej’pech.



The Ferengi Captain Nunk on his personal Marauder entered the sector, dispatching a shuttle containing Liquidator Brunt, who hailied Task Force K27 and demanded Father Christmas surrender his bag of presents. Captain Beto decided on a radical course of action – moving the K’tinga class close to the Ferengi, he decloaked, hailing Nunk on an audio-only channel and barked an order to surrender in Klingonese. The gambit worked, with a panicked Nunk hailing Captain Marshall, requesting Federation aid against the Klingon aggressors.



With the Gej’pech chasing the fleeing Ferengi, Captains Marshall and Fredrickson escorted Father Christmas to Cellus II, delivering the first present to the Bajoran orphans.


The Gorn, trying to collect the bounty on Father Christmas’ head, entered the sector. Captain Marshall, desperate to prevent a bloodbath, commanded Captain Fredrickson to stay with the sleigh. Reluctantly, and against the council of her Chief of Security R’Karen, Captain Fredrickson kept the USS Glory in formation.



With the Ferengi nearly out of the sector, Beto turned the Gej’pech back in towards the Gorn. The Gorn themselves made a fatal mistake, opening fire on the USS Glory. With Captain Fredrickson unleashed, Task Force K27 made short work of the Gorn ships, destroying both.

Once the presents had all been delivered, Father Christmas consulted his list to decide who had been Naughty and who had been Nice.

Captain Smith was deemed Nice and was granted the Tactics Resource, reflecting his status as the brains of Task Force K27

Captain Fredrickson was deemed Naughty, after the Romulan-murder incident. R’Karen, however, was judged to have been Nice and was promoted to Tactical Officer.

Captain Beto was also judged as having been Naughty, due to having been sent to prison this year. Tim Marseilles, however, was judged to have been Nice and so was granted the Skilled Helmsman Resource.

Captain Marshall was deemed to be Nice and so was granted the High Yield Photon Torpedoes resource, because he loves Torpedoes so very much.

This wraps things up for this years campaigning. We’ve been at this for just over a year now, and our Captains have gone from CS1 nobodies on outdated ships, to decent Captains in their own right, captaining the backbone of the Federation. We’ll be taking a little break from campaigning for a bit, but we should be back in about March.


Mission Eight – Jailbreak!

Last night, we played the eighth mission in our narrative campaign. The mission was:

The Klingon Civil War is nearing its conclusion, and Gowron is almost certain to emerge victorious. Duras is dead, slain by Worf in retribution for the murder of his mate, K’ehleyr. Sela’s attempt to support the House of Duras was thwarted by Captain Picard and Data. Captain Rekar was caught in secret negotiations with supporters of Duras by Task Force K27. Gowron is leading his fleets back to Qu’onoS, to cement his claim as High Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.

 Victory has come at a cost, however. Many Klingon ships have been lost and many Klingon lives have ended. Closer to home, the USS Serendipity was destroyed and most of its crew have been captured by Duras’ supporters. Their trial was a sham and all were sentenced to life imprisonment on the prison world of Rura Penthe. Captain Beto and Tim Marseilles have not been idle, they have instead been attempting to escape.

 The rest of Task Force K27 have been waiting back at base, licking their wounds and repairing their ships. A Ferengi smuggler has managed to get a message from Captain Beto to the station’s commander, Captain Erib. The crew of the USS Serendipity have managed to steal an old Klingon cruiser and are flying it back to Federation space. Task Force K27 have been scrambled and will aim to protect Captain Beto’s K’tinga against any pursuing Klingons, then escort it back to Starbase K27


The players must escort Captain Beto’s stolen K’tinga class back to Federation space.

Special Rules:

Captain Beto and Tim Marseilles are on board a generic K’tinga class ship with no other upgrades. The K’tinga class is old and its engines are not functioning correctly – it may only perform actions with a speed of 1 (straight or bank).

In order for the mission to be a success, the K’tinga with Captain Beto and Tim Marseilles must leave the board via the edge that the Federation deployed along.

If the K’tinga is destroyed, the mission is a failure.

Gowron and his forces are busy on Qu’onoS, any Klingon ships in the sector are Duras’ supporters and can be freely engaged.


1SP for each player if Captain Beto’s K’tinga is safely transported off the board

1SP for each Critical damage dealt to a Klingon ship’s Hull



We had a full house for rescuing Captain Beto. Captain Fredrickson on the USS Spectacular was finally free of Admiral Pressman’s scruitiny and so was matched with Captain Marshall on the USS Excalibur for highest Captain skill at CS4. Captain Narpak on the USS Triumphant and Captain Ifan Smith on the USS Vengeance were both tied at CS3.


Task Force K-27 deployed in two pairs – on their right flank, Captain Marshall deployed his Constitution Class, the USS Excalibur alongside Captain Fredrickson’s Defiant class, the USS Spectacular. On the left flank, Captain Narpak’s Constellation Class, the USS Triumphant and the USS Vengeance, a Defiant Class captained by Captain Ifan Smith. This deployment was interesting, as it meant that the entire left flank moved before the right, giving the Klingons some issues with target lock acquisition. I don’t know if it was deliberate on the part of the players, but it was quite irritating at times.

The players moved straight forward, racing to put ships between the Klingons and Beto’s stolen K’tinga. The Klingons formed two wings, a left wing with 3 K’tingas lead by captain K’temoc and a right wing with 3 B’rels lead by Captain Barak. The K’tingas moved slowly forward, whilst the B’rels swung left, aiming to cut Beto off with the angle.

Captain Beto moved his K’tinga into the space behind the USS Vengeance, slipping the B’rel wing’s fire arcs. Captain Narpak moved across the Klingon’s formation, to block them off. A pretty brutal exchange of fire saw Captain Smith obliterate a B’rel, rolling 5 hits on five dice. Sadly, this set a trend, whereby despite savaging the Klingons, Captain Smith rolled no critical hits, earning him zero SP.

Sadly, it wasn’t only the Klingons that suffered losses. The right flank bore the brunt of the Klingon attacks and the USS Spectacular, Captained by the formidable Captain Fredrickson, couldn’t withstand the barrage. As the ship broke apart, escape pods were launched, but it wasn’t immediately apparent if Captain Fredrickson and her bridge officers had survived. Captain Marshall, devastated by the apparent loss of his fellow Captain, fired torpedoes at the lead K’tinga, captained by K’temoc and blew it apart.

Elsewhere, Captain Narpak continued to impress with his aggression, getting stuck into the Klingons and landing critical damage on three different ships. In return, his shields were knocked down and his hand hovered over his console, ready to punch to warp.


Captain Beto managed to escape off the board, closely followed by Klingon ships. The rest of the Task Force decided to drive off the Klingon pursuit and then rescue survivors from the USS Spectacular. The trio of Captains Narpak, Smith and Marshall continued to blast Klingon ships out left, right and centre. Happy that he’d done enough and wishing to preserve his ship, Captain Narpak hit the button to jump the USS Triumphant to warp, leaving the USS Excalibur and the USS Vengeance a single B’rel to deal with.


Captain Barak, however, refused to go quietly into Sto’Vo’Kor. The game lasted for another handful of turns of careful cat-and-mouse maneuvering. Captain Smith eventually thew caution to the wind, and turned the USS Vengeance across the B’rel class’ fire arc, leaving himself open, but granting Captain Marshall a clear shot. The Smith Gambit worked, and the USS Excalibur fired a full spread of torpedoes into the Ning’tao.

After the battle, the USS Vengeance and USS Excalibur searched the sector for survivors from the destruction of the USS Spectacular. They found Captain Fredrickson and her Chief Tactical Officer R’Karen alive and trying to patch their hand phasers into the escape pods’ short range communication system, to create a crude weapon. Glad that their comrade was alive, they jumped to warp and returned to Space Station K-27.

Success again for our heroes, although the third ship has now been lost. The only original ships still in action are the USS Vengeance and the USS Excalibur. Captain Fredrickson’s player has a lot of SP spare, so we may see something new and shiny for her replacement vessel.

Mission Seven – Cloak and Daqtagh

Last week, our motley band of Starship Captains met up again. The mission was as follows:

The Civil War that has been simmering away in the Klingon Empire has finally boiled over. Chancellor K’mpec is dead, and two rival factions are locked in a struggle to succeed him. One side supports Gowron, a strong believer in the Khitomer Accords (the alliance between the Federation and the Klingon Empire); the other side supports Duras, who promises to lead the Klingons into a prosperous new age of conquest. Both men have called their loyal Captains to their sides and a number of small battles have taken place across the Empire.

Officially, the Federation does not interfere in the internal politics of its allies, however Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise-D has become involved in arbitrating the dispute, due to the untimely death of Special Emissary K’Ehleyr. Gowron is concerned that the House of Duras is covertly being supported by the Romulan Star Empire, and Starfleet Intelligence has been working to assess the veracity of these claims.

 Task Force K-27 has been sent to the Mel’kor system, as long range sensors have been picking up strange tachyon emissions, matching those emitted by a cloaked Romulan Warbird. They have orders to scan the emissions and expose any Romulan smugglers. It is highly likely that the House of Duras will try to intervene.



The players must scan the anomalous tachyon readings to find any cloaked Warbirds.

Special Rules:

The play area has 12 Tachyon Emissions tokens scattered through it. These represent anomalous tachyon readings that the players must investigate.

Each of the players’ ships may receive the Tachyon Detection Grid Tech Upgrade for a cost of 0SP. This Upgrade can be placed in a Crew or Secondary Weapons slot, if the player chooses (or his ship doesn’t have a Tech slot). This Upgrade is on loan for the duration of this mission and must be given back either once discarded, or at the end of the mission.

Any ship that has a copy of Tachyon Detection Grid may spent a Scan token to flip over a Tachyon Emissions token at Range 1-3 to see if it is a cloaked ship. If it is simply an odd reading, remove the token from play. If it is a cloaked Warbird, the Warbird will be placed on the table.

Gowron’s forces are currently engaged in a skirmish near the Klingon homeworld. Any Klingon ships entering the Mel’kor system will almost certainly be aggressors sent by Duras to protect his Romulan allies. Starfleet expects Task Force K-27 to defend itself if necessary and no reprisals will be taken against any Captain who has to resort to deadly force to defend their ship.


1SP for the player who discovers a Warbird.

1SP for surviving the mission

1SP if the player damages any Klingon ship from the House of Duras

If the mission is successful, Gowron will likely gain enough political traction to force the House of Duras to back down, effectively ending the Civil War. Klingon Ships and Upgrades will become available to buy for all players between any mission.




We had four Captains this time – Captain Gillian Fredrickson on the USS Spectacular (with Admiral Pressman), Captain Ifan Smith on the USS Vengeance, Captain Beto Jensen on the USS Serendipity and Captain Derrick Marshall on the USS Excalibur. Captains Narpak and Temoc were both back on Vulcan, lecturing at the Vulcan Science Academy about the intricacies of repairing warp plasma flow regulators in combat situations. Before the mission, Captain Marshall declared himself Commander-in-Chief of the Task Force, as he had the highest Captain skill (technically, he was tied with Captain Fredrickson, but she is still being observed by Admiral Pressman after the whole ‘Romulan murder’ incident).

Task Force K-27 moved into the sector in a line, with the two Defiant Class ships (the USS Vengeance and USS Spectacular) on the left hand side, the USS Serendipity in the centre and the USS Excalibur on the right end of the line. The Task Force moved forward, scanning as they went.

As the Federation ships moved forward through Klingon space, a squadron of K’tinga class ships warped in. The leader hailed the Task Force and demanded they leave Klingon space, by the authority of the true Chancellor of the Empire, Duras. All four Federation captains refused, raising their shields and moving to yellow alert as they moved deeper into Klingon territory.

For the next few turns, the mission was abandoned as Task Force K-27 came under heavy fire from the Klingons. Impressively, all four Captains waited until they were engaged, before they opened fire on the Klingon vessels (I ended up awarding extra experience for such exemplary behaviour). Despite taking a battering from the six K’tingas, eventually Task Force K-27 were victorious and returned to scanning anomalies.


Eventually, the cloaked Romulan Warbird was found and discovered to be none other than everyone’s favourite villain, the dastardly Captain Rekar. Spying his hated foe, Captain Fredrickson, he flew into a rage and started attacking the Task Force, rather than try and escape undetected. Captains Marshall and Smith made sure to record their ships’ sensor logs, as proof that the Romulans were interfering in the Klingon Civil War.

Realising that his Romulan allies had been exposed, Duras lead a squadron of six Klingon Birds of Prey into the sector in order to destroy evidence of the conspiracy. Captains Fredrickson and Smith, realising that their damaged ships couldn’t survive another clash with the Klingons, decided to retreat with their proof, heading for Federation space at full impulse, before jumping to warp. Captain Beto moved to engage the Klingons, to buy his fellow Captains enough time to retreat. Captain Marshall went after Rekar and his Warbird, to damage relations between the House of Duras and the Romulan Star Empire.


Sadly, Captain Beto’s heroics cost him his ship. The USS Serendipity sruvived much longer than expected, thanks to her excellent Helmsman, Tim Marseilles, but not even his excellent flying and the Serendipity’s Enhanced Hull Plating could stop the Klingon onslaught. Captain Beto and Helmsman Marseilles both made it to the escape pods before the Serendipity exploded, but Captain Marshall was forced to retreat under heavy fire before he could beam them aboard. Rumour has it that they’ve been taken to the prison world of Rura Penthe, which is under the control of Duras’ supporters.


A success for Task Force K-27, but at a cost. The USS Serendipity has been destroyed, Captain Beto and his senior officers have been captured and imprisoned. The House of Duras has been exposed, however, and Gowron is almost certain to become High Chancellor. The Task Force as a whole has been battered and bloodied, with numerous casualties and damage to every ship. The Captains will have to wait for their ships to be repaired and lick their wounds, before attempting to rescue Captain Beto from Rura Penthe.


Mission Six – Listening Devices

After a bit of a break, we managed to get mission six in our little Star Trek Attack Wing campaign played last night. The mission was:

Starfleet has positioned four science probes near Deep Space K27, to study a strange energy vortex recently discovered by an Andorian science team. Within hours of the devices being installed and activated, the Federation received a message from Romulus, demanding that the devices be removed. Starfleet thinks that the Tal Shiar are concerned that these devices are actually listening devices, designed to decode Romulan communications. Reports from the USS Hamilton, stationed near the border, suggest that the Romulans may be planning to violate Federation space and attempt to destroy the devices. Task Force K27 has been assigned to patrol the area and protect the probes against any attack.

Following the events of Task Force K27’s previous mission, Captain Frederickson has been dragged before the Admiralty Board and is in danger of losing her Commission. Admiral Pressman has been assigned to the USS Spectacular, to assess Captain Frederickson and report on whether she should be stripped of her command. It is rumoured that the only reason that Captain Frederickson has been shown such leniency is that the Lornians, impressed with how effectively Task Force K27 dealt with the Romulan aggressors, are considering joining the Federation.



The players must protect the science probes. At least one science probe must still be functional at the end of the mission.


Special Rules:

Place the energy vortex token in the centre of the board. Please four science probe/listening device mission tokens around the energy vortex, as shown on the map.

The four probes have the following stat values: Primary Weapons 0, Agility 1, Hull 2, Shields 2

As they are in such close proximity to the vortex, the probes are equipped with advanced shielding technology. Rather than destroying shields, damage assigned to the probe’s shields disables them, allowing them to be re-enabled at the end of each round.

The probes are quite small devices and so in order for them to be attacked, the Romulans must have Target Locked the probe.

Any Federation ship with active shields within Range 1 of a science probe may elect to receive any amount of damage dealt to the probe to their ship instead.

Any ship that touches the energy vortex with any part of its base, or movement template, immediately receives a 5-dice attack. Defence dice may be rolled as normal.

The Romulans are violating Federation space and so may be attacked and destroyed without repercussion.

Eric Pressman’s ability may not be used – he is spending all his time observing Captain Fredrickson. His -1 Captain Skill still applies.



Each player receives 1SP for each Science Probe that survives the mission.

If at least one probe survives, each player recieves an additional 1SP.



Mission six map

Note: Ranges are approximate. I don’t reccomend doing a Pythagoras at the map to try and work out if the exact placement is mathematically possible.


This time around, we had: Captain Beto Jensen on the USS Serendipity (the actual Beto, not his evil mirror counterpart), Captain Narpak on the USS Resplendent, Captain Gillian Fredrickson on the USS Spectacular and the returning Captain Ifan Smith on the USS Vengeance. As Task Force K27 was preparing to depart, Captain Derek Marshall on the USS Excalibur returned from a routine supply run early and so was able to join the mission (read: Steve wasn’t originally going to be available to play, then happily became available at the last minute). Captain Elizabeth Shaw and Captain Temoc are still back at Starfleet Academy, training the next wave of Starfleet Captains.

After last time’s incident, Captain Rekar was leading the Romulans in the hope he could get his revenge on Captain Fredrickson. He was aboard the IRW Khazara, leading three other D’Deridex class Warbirds.

Task Force K27 split into two, with the USS Serendipity, USS Vengeance and USS Resplendent moved to cover the left flank. The Romulans also split into two, with Captain Rekar moving directly towards the USS Spectacular and the rest of the fleet moving towards the nearest science probes.

Captain Marshall on the Excalibur fired a recon probe into the vortex, unsure of whether the Romulans were interested in the science probes, or the vortex itself. The vortex appeared to be a normal stellar phenomena and so he decided that the Romulans must be interested in the probes.


The Romulans wasted no time in attacking Task Force K27, with Captain Rekar om the IRW Khazara making a run on the USS Spectacular. Disruptor shots were being fired left, right and centre, but none managed to find their mark. One of the Warbirds targeted one of the science probes, but Captain Marshall extended the Excalibur’s shields, protecting the probe.


Things descended into a mass brawl, Captain Rekar kept up his attack on the Spectacular, to no avail. Captain Fredrickson and Captain Narpak concentrated their fire on the Khazara. Captain Marshall on the Excalibur destroyed one of the D’Deridex class warbirds, whilst Captain Jensen on the Serendipity destroyed another.

The Romulans managed to destroy one of the probes, but some awful flying saw one of the Warbirds fly through the vortex and it was destroyed.

Clearly worried about the presence of Admiral Pressman on board the USS Spectacular, Captain Fredrickson hailed the IRW Khazara and allowed it to leave the sector unharmed. Captain Rekar reluctantly returned to Romulus in disgrace, having lost three warbirds for the destruction of a single probe.

Task Force K27 returned to base with barely even a scratch, another total victory.

Mission Five – ‘Et Tu, Bractor?’

We managed to play the fifth mission in the narrative campaign last night. This time, the mission was:

After the incident concerning stolen Federation technology and the Ferengi known as Bok, relations between the two powers have become strained. In order to smooth things over, and ensure that trade embargoes don’t threaten Ferengi profits, Grand Nagus Zek has been visiting Space Station K27 to meet Captain Erib, the Station Commander. Having more than overstayed his welcome and having tested the patience of everyone on board the station, he is finally leaving. Task Force K27 have been assigned to escort the Nagus to his ship, as a gesture of respect (and to make sure that he really does leave). Originally, Task Force K27 were meant to escort Zek to Deep Space 14, to rendezvous with Tarr on the Krayton, however the Nagus has decided to take a diversion to the planet Lornis IV after receiving an invite to purchase a quantity of the local speciality – ‘Old Nelly’ Lornian Beetle Snuff at reduced price. The Krayton has diverted and is en route to Lornis IV, but will be later than originally anticipated. Both Captain Tarr and Brunt, the Ferengi assigned to pilot the Nagus’ shuttle, believe that this could be the prelude to an attempt on the Nagus’ life.



The players must escort Zek to Lornis IV and then wait for the Krayton to arrive, ensuring his safety.


Special Rules:

Zek’s shuttle has joined Task Force K27 for this mission. It is a Ferengi Shuttle, with Brunt as Captain Admiral Zek (with Grand Nagus Elite Talent), a Cargo Hold and no other Upgrades. The players can either move the shuttle by consensus, or take turns controlling it.

Zek will not allow his shuttle to be carried by a Federation ship. It may not dock with any ship other than the Krayton.

Beaming up Lornian Beetle Snuff via the transporter damages the flavour, so Zek’s shuttle will need to land on the planet – the shuttle must move into physical contact with the planet token. Negotiating, haggling and loading the beetle snuff onto the shuttlecraft will take approximately two turns



2SP for each player if Grand Nagus Zek survives the mission.

1SP for each enemy ship a player deals Hull damage to.



Mission Five

We had four players for Mission Five. Captains Shaw, Temoc and Smith were back at Starfleet Academy, lecturing students on how serving on board Starbases differs to serving on Starships. This left us Captain Derrick Marshall on the USS Excalibur, Captain Naarpak on the USS Resplendent, Captain Gillian Fredrickson on the USS Spectacular and Captain Beto Jensen on the USS Serendipity.

A minor hiccup occurred before we started, Captain Beto and the USS Serendipity were nowhere to be found (read: Darren couldn’t find his stuff)! Evidently, he’d suffered some misadventure. When the only ship to hand was a Mirror Universe Defiant, it became clear what had happened – Captain Beto had temporarily switched places with  his evil, bearded counterpart. Mirror Beto was a CS1 Captain on a Mirror Defiant, the ISS Buenos Aires.

With the Task Force ready to go, we started the mission. The task force lined up along the edge of their set-up area, with the Ferengi shuttle in the middle, escorted by the ISS Buenos Aires – because entrusting the leader of the Ferengi to an evil, bearded Bajoran is the last thing anyone would suspect. Tactical genius. The USS Spectacular and USS Resplendent formed the left flank, while the USS Excalibur was set up slightly apart from the main group, on the right flank.


This blog endorses drinking, bikes and Lord of the Rings.

As the Task Force scanned the sector, they discovered raised tachyon levels near the planet. As they continued to scan the sector, they detected a small, cloaked Romulan vessel on the far side of the planet. Evidently their scans alerted the Romulans, who quickly left the sector and jumped to warp, although not before sending an encoded message out into space.



This blog also endorses 20-sided dice and bottlecaps.

The Nagus made it to Lornis IV without incident and started trading with the Lornians, a peaceful, methodical race who all look suspiciously like out of work actors with prosthetic foreheads. Their leader was definitely that guy from that thing a few years ago. What was his name? You’d know his face if you saw it.



This blog definitely endorses the right-hand-side of Darren’s torso.

As the Nagus landed on the planet and began negotiations with the Lornians, a Ferengi Marauder arrived. However, rather than being Daimon Tarr on the Krayton this was Daimon Bractor on the Kreetcha. Unhappy with this change in protocol, the Task Force moved to orbit the planet, whilst the ISS Buenos Aires moved to intercept the Kreetcha.



Presumably, the XX from the target locks are for the Captain’s eyes

This proved wise, as the Kreetcha powered weapons and started trying to lock on the Nagus’ shuttle. Task Force K27 hailed the Nagus and received his blessing to do away with the treasonous Bractor. Captain Fredrickson announced that she was going to ‘blow the Ferengi some kisses.’



Although both the USS Spectacular and the USS Excalibur opened fire on the Kreetcha, the Ferengi Marauder was soon forgotten, as Bractor boasted that his friends would soon arrive.


Proving that this was not an idle threat, a Romulan fleet entered the sector, shields up and weapons charged. The Romulan Commander hailed Captain Marshall and demanded the immediate withdrawal of all Federation ships in the area. After checking with the Lornians, Task Force K27 refused to leave the area and moved to attack the Romulans.



Captain Fredrickson hailed the Grand Nagus, requesting he finished loading beetle snuff onto his shuttle, and prepare to leave. The Nagus, however, driven by greed and his two great loves – a bargain and beetle snuff, pretended that his engines weren’t functioning, and continued loading beetle snuff. Meanwhile, Task Force K27 continued exchanging shots with the Romulans. The normally reserved and easy-to-startle Captain Naarpak blew the Apnex out of the sky and then damaged the Haakona, whilst Captain Beto’s evil twin damaged the Talvath.



The battle came to an end when Captain Marshall on the USS Excalibur destroyed the Kreetcha. The Romulan Commander hailed the Task Force and stood down. Now that the Romulan’s puppet Nagus had been killed, there was little point in continuing their assassination attempt. Captains Naarpak and EvilBeto stood down and Captain Marshall moved to escort the Romulans out of the sector. The aggressive Captain Fredrickson, however, decided to blast static on all comm frequencies and continued her assault on the Romulans. She destroyed the Haakona as it fled, earning her a threat of vengeance for wrongs dealt to the Romulan Star Empire.

The Krayton and Captain Tarr arrived, to pick up the Nagus and his beetle snuff and the mission ended in total success. The Task Force returned to Starbase K27, with a few dings and scrapes (and one bounty on Captain Fredrickson’s head) but no real damage.

Aside from the whole ‘murdering fleeing Romulans in cold blood’ thing, a raging success again for Task Force K27. I think the next mission might have to be against a full Borg armada, in order to give them some sort of challenge.



Mission Four – A Quiet Day at the Office

The first mission of 2016 took a little longer to write and organise, but we managed to get it played the other night. The mission was:

Due to its proximity to Cardassian space, Deep Space K27 has been chosen as the venue for a meeting between Bajoran diplomats and their Cardassian counterparts, in order to negotiate a resolution to a longstanding territory dispute. The Cardassians have made repeated demands to be allowed to control security at these negotiations, however Captain Erib (the Commanding Officer of Deep Space K27) has managed to assure both sides that Task Force K27 are up to the task of providing security.

 Starfleet Intelligence has recently received a tip-off from a reliable source, suggesting that a group of Federation separatists are planning to attack these talks, in an attempt to prevent an accord being reached by the two sides. On top of this, Starfleet has concerns that other major powers in the Alpha Quadrant may see these negotiations as some sort of threat to their own interests.


Task Force K27 will patrol the sector, scanning any and all ships approaching and departing Deep Space K27. Despite the negotiations, the station is still open as usual to trade, resupplying Federation ships, providing repairs to damaged ships and everything else that constitutes a normal day at the office for Task Force K27.


The players must ensure that the Maquis attack on Space Station K27 is prevented and the negotiations continue as planned.

Special Rules:

A copy of Deep Space K27’s docking procedure, along with a daily bulletin detailing known Maquis operatives and a list of scheduled arrivals and departures have been provided to the players. These contain a list of things the players should be looking out for, and the SP rewards for discovering them.

Ships approaching Deep Space K27 will declare their Captain and their upgrades. Both of these types of cards will be doubled, back-to-back in clear card sleeves. Players may spend a Scan token to target a ship at Range 1 and one card on that ship over, to check that the ship’s inventory is correct.

The Maquis are planning to infiltrate the Station with a number of operatives, spread across many different ships. However, if this plan fails, they will attack the station with ships, aiming to sabotage their ship’s Warp Core in order to damage the space station. When a Maquis Captain is discovered, deal a Warp Core Breach damage card to his ship. The players must destroy the Maquis ship before it detonates and damages the space station.


Each item on the bulletin discovered gives its own reward. See the bulletin for details

2SP for each player if the Maquis plot is stopped

1SP for each Maquis operative discovered when flipping over a ship’s cards via spending a Scan token.


Mission4 map

Deep Space K27 Docking Procedure

  1. All approaching ships must radio Deep Space K27 to request docking
  1. The approaching ship must lower its shields
  1. The Captain of the approaching ship must declare all Crew, Weapons and notable Tech that the ship is carrying.
  1. Approaching ships may be subject to being scanned.
  1. Once docking has been approved, the docking ship must approach the space station at Speed 3 or slower
  1. Non-Federation ships must dock with one of the three outer docking rings. Only Federation ships may dock in the Hangar Bay, located at the bottom of the main body of the space station.

Daily Bulletin

List of known Maquis operatives and their false identities:

Ro Laren (Bajoran)

B’Elanna Torres (Federation)

Klag (Klingon)

Tom Paris (Federation)

Sakonna (Independant)

Seska (Independant)

Kornan (Klingon)

Neela (Bajoran)


Ferengi smugglers were chased away from Starbase 641 a few days ago, where they were caught trying to sell stolen Federation technology to unknown buyers. They are likely to try again, possibly at Starbase K27. If discovered, their details should be circulated to all Starfleet captains in the sector.

2SP for the player who discovers the Ferengi smugglers.


Scheduled Arrivals/Departures:

01:00 – USS Roux (Depart for Talis 7). Geological survey.

01:00 – Vulcan D’kyr Class (Arrive from Vulcan). Transporting Vulcan commandoes for security detail.

02:00 – 3 Galor Class Ships. (Arrive from Cardassia Prime). Transporting Cardassian contingent for peace talks.

02:00 – K’tinga Class Ship (Arrive from Andoria). Scientific exchange programme.

03:00 – Bajoran Scout Ship (Arrive from Bajor). Transporting Bajoran contingent for peace talks.

03:00 – Klingon Bird of Prey (Depart for Pa’vog).

04:00 – Bajoran Interceptor (Arrive from Sector 113). Scheduled Repairs,

04:00 – USS Enterprise-D (Arrive from Cellosk). Resupply.

05:00 – USS Hawthorn (Arrive from Elnar 3). Shore Leave.

05:00 – Vulcan Science Vessel (Arrive from Elnar 3). Scientific exchange programme.

06:00 – Ferengi D’Kora Class Ship (Arrive from Ferengar). Trade.

07:00 – USS Enterprise-D (Depart for unknown). Exploration.

Unbeknownst to the players, the USS Hawthorn and he crew had defected to the Maquis. They would fly towards the part of the Space Station that the three Cardassian ships were docked at, then sabotage their warp drive, in order to try and cause a warp core breach. The resulting explosion would be large enough to seriously damage K27, and destroy the docked Cardassian ships.

This was a fair amount of additional rules to be bolting on the side of Attack Wing and I was worried that the lack of action would cause the players to find the mission boring. Fortunately, most of the group are pretty big Trekkies, so I think they enjoyed a slightly less violent scenario. It is a pity that a game based on a TV programme about peace and morality in space is quite so ‘to the death’. I guess that dilemmas surrounding the Prime Directive don’t make for exciting boardgames.

For this mission, we had a great turn-out. Present, were: Captain Derrick Marshall of the USS Excalibur (a Refit Constitution class), Captain Beto Jensen of the USS Serendipity (Miranda class), Captain Gillian Fredrickson of the USS Spectacular (Defiant Class), Captain Ifan Smith of the USS Vengeance (Defiant class) and Captain Narpak of the USS Resplendent (Constellation class). Only Captain Elizabeth Shaw of the USS Ticondaroga (an Excalibur class) was absent, as she was assisting mining efforts in the Fennag Asteroid Belt.

After the previous mission, where Captain Narpak lost the USS Triumphant to a Klingon Bird of Prey, he had requested and been assigned a Constellation Class ship, the USS Resplendent. May she protect all those who serve aboard her. The Resplendent lacks any Secondary Weapons or Tech Upgrades (the Transwarp Drive fitted to Naarpak’s previous ship was lost when she was destroyed), but Narpak has recently put in a transfer request for a new chief engineer. No-one on Space Station K27 has learned her name yet.

The Reseplendent’s new chief engineer is not the only new face in Task Force K27, though, as the USS Spectacular has a new Tactical Officer, a Klingon called R’Karen. Already, the new officer has impressed the aggressive Captain Fredrickson with a series of suggestions and modifications to the Spectacular’s weapon systems and simulations suggest that the USS Spectacular is now even deadlier.

The game started with a Klingon Bird of prey docked with the Space Station, having brought R’Karen to join the USS Spectacular. Task Force K27 spread themselves out around the station, with Captains Narpak and Beto covering the area closest to Cardassian space; whilst Captain Smith patrolled the area nearest to the rest of Federation space. Captains Marshall and Fredrickson positioned themselves centrally.



On the first turn, a Vulcan D’kyr class entered the sector, transporting Vulcan Commandos assigned to protect the Bajoran/Cardassian peace talks. Captain Temoc of the USS Roux undocked with the Space Station and left to survey Talis 7.

Captain Smith quickly moved towards the approaching Vulcan ship, choosing to scan the Captain and discovered that he was none other than known Maquis collaborator Tom Paris! An impressive start for Task Force K27. Captain Marshall also scanned the D’Kyr class, learning that one of the Vulcan Commandos on board was Tuvok.



Turn two saw the arrival of the three Galor class ships transporting the Cardassian group for the peace talks. Worried about the Maquis threat and unhappy with the security arrangements, the Cardassians refused to lower their shields until they were about to dock. Task Force K27 grudgingly allowed the Cardassians to approach shielded, but sent Narpak on the USS Resplendent to escort the Cardassians in.

Additionally, a K’tinga class vessel entered the sector. These Klingons had recently been visiting Andoria to collaborate with Andorian scientists on possible new tractor beam technologies. Now, they had come to Space Station K27 to meet with a group of Vulcan scientists at K27 to discuss their findings.



Somewhat suspicious of the Cardassian’s refusal to lower their shields, Captain Narpak made sure to painstakingly scan every inch of the Galor class ships.

The Klingon Bird of Prey class that had been docked with the Space Station left to return to Pa’vog, but not before it was scanned by Captain Fredrickson to make sure no-one had stowed away on board.

A Bajoran ship arrived, carrying the Bajoran contingent and upon realising that the Cardassians had sent three armed warships, refused to lower its shields.

The K’tinga class approached the Space Station and was scanned by Captain Marshall on the Excalibur, discovering Kornan, a known Maquis agent.

Finally, a Ferengi Marauder entered the sector. An unscheduled arrival, the Ferengi captain was complaining of engine troubles and requested permission to dock. Unhappy with an unscheduled arrival, Captain Smith on board the USS Vengeance decided to scan the Ferengi’s cargo hold, discovering some stolen Federation shield schematics.



Unimpressed with the Ferengi’s smuggling attempt, Captain Smith ordered Daimon Bok to stand down and prepare to be boarded. The Ferengi, however, decided to raise his shields and make a run for it.

A second Bajoran vessel entered the sector, claiming that it was the ship carrying the Bajoran delegates, and that the other vessel was in fact, carrying a Maquis operative. Captain Fredrickson on the Spectacular moved to ascertain the validity of these claims, and discovered the Maquis agent Neela.

The K’tinga class docked with the Space station. Captain Marshall scanned the Klingon ship, and was presented with a choice. Suspecting that either the Captain of the ship or a member of the crew was Klag, he ran the captain’s credentials, which checked out. Klag was indeed the crew member, and successfully infiltrated the space station.

Other arrivals included the USS Enterprise-D, visiting on a routine resupply mission and the USS Hawthorn.



Captain Smith hailed the Ferengi smuggler and informed him that if he did not stand down, Captain Fredrickson would be allowed to engage them. Terrified of Captain Fredrickson, the scourge of all Ferengi across the Alpha Quadrant, Bok raced towards the edge of the board. The USS Spectacular took aim and fired off multiple phaser shots at the Ferengi Marauder.

A Vulcan ship carrying scientists entered the sector, as did a second Ferengi Marauder. Worried at the number of unscanned ships, Captains Smith and Marshall decided to start assigning ships to docking bays, deliberately trying to extend the amount of time that the Task Force had to scan visiting ships.

The USS Hawthorn moved towards the Space Station, refusing to aid with the attack on the Ferengi. This raised everyone’s suspicions – after all, what kind of Starfleet officer isn’t willing to annihilate an alien vessel at a moment’s notice?

A busy and productive turn saw Captain Marshall on the USS Excalibur scan the Enterprise-D and discover Ro Laren, whilst the USS Serendipity’s Captain Beto scanned the Hawthorn and found B’Elanna Torres.



The USS Hawthorn enacted its plan, sabotaging the ship’s Warp Core and flying towards the Cardassians. Captain Smith hailed Captain Picard and requested the Enterprise aid Task Force K27. Captain Fredrickson disengaged from attacking the Ferengi and opened fire on the Hawthorn. Captain Beto also fired on the Hawthorn, knocking down the Maquis ship’s shields. Captain Marshall launched a full spread of Photon Torpedoes at the Hawthorn, succeeding in destroying it.

For fun, we decided to roll for the USS Hawthorn’s Warp Core Breach, to see if it would have blown the Cardassians up. The roll was a Critical Hit – Captain Marshall did indeed save the Cardassians and the Space Station from the Maquis.


IMAG0059With the Maquis plot foiled, the members of Task Force K27 scanned the last few vessels. Captain Narpak found Seska hiding in the Cargo Hold of Nunk’s Marauder and Captain Marshall found Sakonna masquerading as a Vulcan Engineer on board the Vulcan science vessel.

A near total success again for Task Force K27, who managed to foil the Maquis plot and discovered all but one of the operatives. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, despite the mission not containing too much action.

After the game, we totalled up everyone’s available Ship Points and discussed new upgrades. Most of the Captains are waiting to decide what they’ll be buying, but Captain Marshall has put in transfer papers for a new crew member – a young ensign, fresh from Starfleet Academy, Sharon Weasel (the Upgrade card is Karen Ferris. Apparently, Ferris sounds enough like Ferret to count).

I’m currently in the process of writing the next mission. Expect fun, frolics, Ferengi and beetle snuff. I’m hoping to get it done and played next month, but we’ll see.

Mission Three – Klingon Diplomacy

A few nights ago, Task Force K27 met and played the third game in our Star Trek Attack Wing narrative campaign.

This time round, the mission was:

Tensions in the Klingon High Council are threating to boil over into an out-and-out Civil War. In an effort to prevent destabilisation of the Klingon Empire, the Federation are sending their Klingon special emissary to find a diplomatic solution. Negotiations will take place on the Klingon planet Pa’vog, close to the border with Federation space. They are expected to be both lengthy and difficult – there are some in Starfleet who believe that a Klingon civil war is inevitable and that the sending of an ambassador is a waste of time.

The USS Moscow transported Special Emissary K’Ehleyr to Deep Space K27 as part of a routine supply run. Task Force K27 has now been assigned to transport her to Pa’vog. The mission will most likely be dangerous, as there are many in the Klingon High Council who strongly oppose the idea of Federation interference. It is entirely possible that rogue Klingon elements will attempt to stop the ambassador arriving at the peace talks.


The players must carry special emissary K’Ehleyr to Pa’vog, protecting her from any dissident Klingon attackers.

Special Rules:

One of the player’s ships must have K’Ehleyr assigned as a Crew Upgrade, costing 0SP and not taking up a crew slot. Place one Disabled token on K’Ehleyr’s card – this token may not be removed by any means.

It is possible for K’Ehleyr to be transported between ships, if the players wish. The two ships must be within Range 1 of one another. The ship transporting K’Ehleyr must spend its Action and both the ship transporting K’Ehleyr and the ship she is being transported to must lower their shields. Each ship may then choose to raise its shields immediately, at the cost of receiving an Auxiliary Power token. Move the K’Ehleyr card and Disabled token to the receiving ship.

Once the ship carrying K’Ehleyr is within Range 1 of Pa’vog, it may lower its shields and beam K’Ehleyr down to the planet. This successfully completes the mission.

The Klingon Defence Force is aware that K’Ehleyr will be arriving with a Federation escort and is not committing any ships to her protection. It is likely that any Klingon ship that approaches Task Force K27 will be hostile.


2SP for each player if K’Ehleyr is successfully transported to the surface of Pa’vog.

1SP for each Critical Hit dealt to a Klingon ship’s hull.

1SP for surviving the mission

If the mission is successful, the Klingon Defence Force will assist with repairs to Task Force K27 vessels– there will be no penalty for damage received during the mission.


Mission Three Map

At the last minute, I decided that this was too easy, and placed an asteroid field running between the two Klingon deployment zones, to give the players some obstacles to dodge.

Klingon forces weren’t defined, as I didn’t know how many players would be playing. I decided that I would bring three groups of ships and place what I thought was reasonable on the table. The three groups were: Three K’tinga class, two Bird of Prey class, three B’rel class.

In the end, we had four players – Captain Derrick Marshall on the USS Excalibur, Captain Narpak on the USS Triumphant, Captain Gillian Fredrickson on the USS Spectacular and Captain Beto Jensen on the USS Serendipity. Captains Temoc, Shaw and Smith were away, transporting supplies to a Federation colony suffering from widespread crop failure.

The USS Excalibur has recently been put in to space dock for upgrades and now boasts a fully stocked Arsenal, to store the Photon Torpedoes it carries. The other captains seem reasonably happy with their ships loadouts and crews. The USS Serendipity boasts Photon Torpedoes and notable crew member Helmsman Tim Marseilles, the USS Spectacular carries an Aft Phase Cannon and the USS Triumphant has a Transwarp Drive.

After last time’s whitewash, I was hoping that the Klingons with their powerful attacks but fragile shields and hull would give Task Force K27 slightly more challenge.


The players set up in a pretty standard line. From L-R: USS Excalibur, USS Triumphant, USS Spectacular, USS Serendipity. K’Ehleyr is on the USS Serendipity.


The three K’tingas started on the table, with the threat of the Birds of Prey and B’Rels coming later.


As expected, Task Force K27 moved to screen the USS Serendipity. The two captains with reputations for aggression, Captains Marshall and Fredrickson, both moved to engage the K’tingas while Captain Narpak of the USS Triumphant stayed with the Serendipity in an escort role.


As the players approached the asteroid field around Pa’vog, the two Bird of Prey class ships entered the battle, immediately threatening the USS Serendipity and K’Ehleyr. It was here that I expected the players to beam the Emissary onto the USS Trimuphant and make a break for the planet, utilising the Transwarp Drive.


Instead, they chose to trust Helmsman Marseilles, who moved the Serendipity into what can only be described as ‘the kill zone’. This allowed the rest of the Task Force to move in behind the K’tinga classes, and attempt to smash the ambush apart.

This actually worked! Helmsman Marseilles managed to dodge almost everything the Klingons threw at the Serendipity, waltzing through the kill zone with no damage to the ship’s hull (although the Serendipity’s shields were knocked out). Darren managed twice to roll enough evades to cancel entire attacks that would have otherwise blown his ship apart. Captains Marshall and Fredrickson created a ‘pain train’ that sliced through one of the K’tinga classes.


With the other having punched a hole in the Klingon fleet, the Serendipity raced to Pa’vog and beamed K’Ehleyr down to the planet’s surface. Mission success!


With the mission goal achieved, all that was left for Task Force K27 to do, was to escape the sector. To do this, they simply needed to fly off one of the table edged, other than the one that I was sat behind (this was deeper into Klingon space – you can’t escape by flying deeper into enemy territory!).


The Serendipity turned and quickly made its escape off the nearest edge, whilst the Spectacular took a few rounds to turn a full 180 degrees and head for home, firing a few parting shots from its Aft Phase Cannon.


The USS Excalibur and Triumphant were still in the thick of it, exchanging shots with the dissident Klingon forces. It was here, that the unthinkable happened – the teamwork that the players have previously displayed went out the window, and Captain Marshall on the USS Excalibur made a break for it, slipping past the Klingon forces, but leaving Captain Narpak in a bit of bother.


It came down to a roll of the dice for the USS Triumphant, and ultimately, it failed. The Triumphant was destroyed, although the Captain and most of the senior crew successfully made it to the escape pods in time.

Through some clever flying and a bit of luck, Captain Marshall successfully navigated his ship out of the sector and flew back to Starbase K27.


A success for Task Force K27, but at the cost of the USS Triumphant. Dave seemed to take the loss of his ship quite well. I’m glad that this happened, as I was unsure how the ship destruction rules would work, but it turns out that Dave’s not utterly screwed out of the game, he’s just behind where he’d like to be. Fair, given that he’s lost a ship, I think.

Captain Narpak and his crew were picked up a few days later by Klingon forces still loyal to the High Council, and returned to Starbase K27. There’s no word yet on if Captain Narpak will receive another ship, as he is yet to give his report to the Admiralty Board. Captain Marshall has requested additional Photon Torpedoes for his ship. Captains Fredrickson and Beto have both been seen filling out requestion forms, so new faces are expected to arrive soon. Captains Temoc, Shaw and Smith returned from their mission with nothing to report.

I think this will be the last game before the new year, now. The next game will include actual Starbase K27, which I’m really looking forward to.